MEMHSFA is a non-profit Christian athletic organization established to serve homeschool families in the Mid-East Missouri and surrounding areas.

MEMHSFA is a distinctly Christian organization with the purpose of glorifying God, by serving homeschool families in helping their children to participate in the sport of football, mentoring players in Christian Manhood, assisting in character building and being a blessing to the Homeschool Community.

our desire is to facilitate all of these things through a well-organized network of teams that will play schedules involving various levels of competition.  Organizing a tackle football league, or even one team is one of the more difficult, expensive and challenging programs to successfully accomplish.  We depend on the participation and commitment on various levels of the parents whose children are involved.

it is also very important to have a consistent, high priority on attendance at practices in order to play the game safely and successfully.  Although our lives don’t revolve around football, there are times during and previous to the season that will be extremely busy.  We also place a high priority on safety, by the football equipment we choose to use, attention to periodic maintenance of the equipment, informed sports medical advice and teaching good technique.

Our ultimate purpose of glorifying God through MEMHSFA will be accomplished as we seek the Lord’s will in everything, prayerfully go forward, make God’s Word our primary guide and honor God in all that we do.

Homeschools have made great advances in football across the nation  in the last decade, rising in some places to National Rank in High School sports.  The years before us will hold even greater accomplishments as parents in America begin to re-establish their involvement in the lives of their children and join the ranks of Homeschoolers.  MEMHSFA will be one of the organizations that helps to lay the foundations for years to come as we serve young athletes.  We are joining many fine organizations that have already laid groundwork in pioneering efforts.  We are stepping up to take our place among them and dedicate ourselves to the task of developing godly character and leaders.


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